Kitchen Trends for 2020
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Kitchen Trends for 2020

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

Apurva Chhatwal - Studio Vista

An organized home doesn’t only looks pretty to sight but is very crucial for mental health also. Times of India once published an article sharing a story from one of the capital’s leading psychologists, where a client came to him citing anger issues on a day-to-day basis that lead to road rage incidents that distressed him. After a few sittings to figure out his daily activities, the psychologist asked him to make his bed every morning, And to ensure the house – especially the kitchen, bathroom, and wardrobes in every room – was tidy before he left for the day. In a month, he was a calmer person. It further stated that we live in stressful times, but most of the time, the triggers of our anxiety and rage are unknown to us. We may think it’s the guy driving ahead who changed lanes without indicating or a colleague who doesn’t get the point. While these may add to the stress, the real reason for your anger lies at home: a cluttered house.

Since Indians are a sentimental lot, decluttering is an unfavorable option. As it is believed that happiness comes from possessions and everything from your mother’s dowry to your children’s toys is stored until the cupboard overflows. It’s okay if you don’t want to throw all your stuff out. It’s important everything is stored in a manner that is feasible and doesn’t unease your mind.

Top Trend 2020

The use of Modular furniture, wardrobes, storages, and vanities that are both functional and aesthetic can help you organize your clutter. Modular kitchens, likewise, can help you from the sights of cluttered containers, utensils, home appliances, and the worst- oil residues.

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